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Tips for Effective Resume Writing for College Students

Resume writing tips for college students applying for internships

Who else wants to create a killer college student resume? If you follow these resume writing tips for creating a hard-hitting resume, you will definitely get the internship of your dreams. While some people focus on their achievements and extensive work experience, learn how to sell yourself and have an edge against everyone by only playing with words.

Internships for college students have a tight competition, and employers receive hundreds of resumes a day. When they see a resume, they immediately make a decision and judge you within seconds, so you have to make sure that those seconds count. In writing a resume, the most important actually isn’t what school you graduated from, or what type of work you did, but the manner of saying those.

For example, if you’ve worked for any of the common part time jobs for college students like being an assistant librarian, or a sales representative for a retail store, it doesn’t actually sound impressive when you say your job title. The secret lies on how you say it. From “part-time tutor”, you can specify your major duty instead and say, “Responsible for teaching grammar proficiency and Calculus to fellow students.”

Also when picking your verbs, use the power words. When describing your other duties, instead of saying “Taught sophomore students Calculus during my junior year” you can say, “Supervised the learning of ten fellow students in Calculus and is responsible for improving their GPA.” It’s all in how you say the words.

Create a college student resume you can be proud of

The proper way to write a resume all lies on how you sell yourself. Some applicants I’ve encountered had a good potential, but the way they present the data turn me off. Either they say too much or say too much useless information. What sells the most is a resume that’s sleek, simple, and only include the most essential information.

When you’re writing a resume, you have to keep in mind these resume writing tips, especially if you’re still a college student and looking for an internship. The competition is tight and you have to do your best to rise above the competition and stand out.