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Sample Student Resumes – What to Put on Your Resume

In getting a good job, you will need to perfect two important factors, your self presentation and your resume. The latter has the bigger impact because employers will be reading that piece of paper and they will base your employment upon the credentials written on your resume. Don’t have enough information on how to start writing your CV? There are student resumes that you can always find on the internet. Here are some of the tips on what to put your resume that will surely make way in your successful hiring:

Put extra curricular activities relevant on the job you are applying for – There are some applicants who put a lot of “trash” on their resume just for the sake of making the resume look loaded and impressive. Always remember that employers are not interested on the things that you know unless it has something to do with the job that you are applying for.

Decent fonts – Make sure that you’re going to use a nice-looking fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and Tahoma. Never “adorn” your resume with fonts like Harrington and Comic Sans because it will seem that you are not serious enough in your application.

Use page breaks – Putting lines on each category will make your resume more organized. Say, you put a page break after your objective which is on the first part of the resume. This way, the employer will be able to focus on that certain category for a moment. A page break is often used on most sample resumes.

These are just some of the tips that you can use when making your own resume. You can also look for other styles on the internet and gather all the tips you got then come up with your own, unique, sample student resume. If you want to get more information about this topic, the pages linked are available to provide you useful details.