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Sample Resume Format for Students

Arranging your skills to have a compelling resume format for students

A resume format for students is a little different from that of professionals. This is easily understandable since they differ greatly when it comes to work experience and skills. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t mean that a high school student resume or a college student resume shouldn’t be as impressive as those of professionals.

One way to make your resume look attractive is to highlight what you do or have best that is related to the kind of work you’re applying for. For example you are applying for a clerical or managerial job, you can say that you are a fast learner and if you’re knowledgeable in computers you can say that you are internet savvy and know a lot of different applications.

Follow the sample resume format for students below

If you haven’t written a resume before, now is the time to practice and make a very good first impression by making your first resume the best it can be. You can follow the sample resume format specifically for students below to help you apply for your first job and make sure you get it.

[home address]
[contact number]
[email address]


[Summary of Qualifications]
List those which are related to the job you’re applying for and use action words to add strength.

[seminars attended, if any, and still related to the job you’re applying for]
[school organizations and the position you held]
[honors or awards you obtained in your school]
[work experience, if any]
[educational attainment]


As you can see, you don’t have to put a lot of things like your personal information to make your resume look good. Just put in the important stuff because they are what matter. If you follow this sample resume format for students, you’ll have a better shot at getting that job.