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Sample of Resume Reference Page

Get samples of resume reference page online

The resume reference page is one important part of your resume. Some people do not pay importance to this part of the resume, probably because they think it’s way below in the resume (sometimes in the second page) so no one would bother to look it over. But they’re wrong. A reference page is very important, especially if an employer is seriously considering you for a job.

A reference page is one way of telling the employer that you’re someone who can be trusted and one who has a nice relationship with his employers. The reference page of your resume makes it easier for your future employers to do a background check on you and they usually do this when they have shortlisted you for the position they’re filling in. One way of knowing how to write a reference page is by looking at samples online.

What is a sample of resume reference page for a student?

Students who don’t have previous work experience yet can put in their resume reference page the name and contact number of the principal of their school whom they are in good terms with, or any of the professors of teachers who they’re sure can vouch for them. Don’t put in a character reference whom you’re not in good terms with because it can do more harm than good.

Also, always inform the person before you put him as a character reference, so he won’t be surprised when he gets a call from the company you’re applying for. If he’s not aware it also might work to your disadvantage. For an effective resume reference page, there are plenty available online, and even free resume templates to guide you in the process of resume writing.