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Sample of Resume for Job Application

Decide the right type of resume for your job application

There are two main types of resumes for job application, a functional resume and a chronological resume. Which of the two you’d like to create for your job application depends on your work experience and qualifications. Basically, a chronological resume aims to highlight your work experience, which shows that you’ve greatly improved professionally. If you think that you have an awesome employment history and that you held a commendable position, a chronological resume is the best choice for you.

If you’ve been shifting from job to job and only staying a few months in each, it may not be the best idea to write a chronological resume because it won’t bring out your best qualities. If you’ve gained a lot of new skills from your previous jobs that are relevant to your current job application, it’s best if you write a functional resume. A functional student resume highlights your skills and qualifications instead of your work experience, which you lack. This type of resume usually fits high school students who’ve only had a number of odd jobs working for retail stores and college students who worked in a number of part-time jobs in the university or the nearby store.

Implications of choosing the correct type of resume to write

Writing a student resume for your job application is a very important step. Ultimately, whether you get called for an interview or not will be based on how impressive your resume is. To ensure that you do get called for the interview you’ve been longing for months, or even years, it’s best to get it perfect right from the start, and what better way to do that than to create an impressive resume for your job application.

Whether you write a functional or a chronological resume, always keep in mind that the most important factor in writing a resume is knowing your strengths and weakness. By knowing them, you’ll be able to highlight your strengths and avoid putting down the weaknesses that could cost you the job you’ve been dreaming to have. Also, keep in mind to always have a positive outlook with your job application and make sure you’ve double-checked everything before sending your resume out. If you want help, take a look at a sample of resume for job application.