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Sample Objectives for Resumes

List of sample objectives for resumes

When I first had to write a resume, would you believe that I had the hardest time thinking of sample objectives for resumes? That one line at the beginning of your resume seems unimportant but it’s actually one of the most important thing that an employer first looks at when reading a resume. It’s important that the objective goes with everything else written in your resume, or the employer would think that you’re not exerting effort in writing your resume.

For a student resume, the objectives can be general because high school or college students don’t have a degree yet. What they can do is to highlight a strong skill they have and mention it like they’re the best at it. For professionals who are applying for a job different from their field, they could also do the same thing and mention a skill they have that is related to the position they’re applying for.

Choose from these sample objectives for resumes you can use

Here are some of the objectives you can use as a template if you’re at a lost on what objective to use.

  • Elementary education teacher at XVB school.
  • Account executive at DEF company.
  • Obtain a position at ABC company in which I can utilize my management skills, and training experience.
  • Obtain a position as Human Resource assistant for utilizing research, writing, and leadership skills.