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Sample Early Childhood Resume

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If you’re looking for a sample early childhood resume, then you must be looking for a teaching position in pre-school. Teaching in this level is very challenging and requires sometimes more patience and guts than any other special technical or teaching skill you have. If you’re going to be dealing with kids, it’s important for an employer to know that you are capable of having a pleasant relationship with them and you wouldn’t suddenly burst in anger every time someone misbehaves.

In an early childhood resume, sometimes the focus is slightly different. If in other resumes, the most important qualities that employers should be able to read are leaning more on management or leadership skills, in an early childhood resume, the qualities that they should be able to read should be appealing to the emotions, like being compassionate, patient, and student-centered.

How To Write an Impressive Early Childhood Resume in Minutes!

When you’re writing a early childhood resume, you should be aware of this fact. In the sample early childhood resume below, you will notice that she incorporate the appeal to emotions in the objective part. This is also a good idea because she knows how to highlight her strengths and emphasize what she can contribute to the school as a teacher.

It’s also a good idea if you’re applying as a teacher in early childhood education to have a short description of your responsibilities after each bullet point in the work experience part. The reason behind is simple. Everyone knows that you’ve worked as a teacher but they don’t know any of the special responsibilities you might have had, or your specific contributions to the school. This is to further prove that you are perfect for the position in terms of how you deal with students. Remember, there are a lot of qualified teachers out there in terms of education and achievements, but there are actually only a fraction of those who will be able to deal with children the correct way. And this is the exact reason why you should stand out from other applicants. Remember this during resume writing so you won’t have a hard time thinking of what to put in it. Also, take a look at the sample early childhood resume below to guide you with the process of writing a resume.

sample early childhood resume