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Sample Cover Letter for Resume

Who else wants to learn how to write an impressive cover letter?

Are you submitting your resume to employers through email? If you are, then chances at least one you found yourself lost for words about what to put in the subject and and content in the email. A lot of people I know who send their resumes through email usually put a one-liner and very casual message to the employer. While there’s nothing wrong with giving a one-liner message to your employer, it would be much, much better to put the cover letter for your resume in the body of your email.

A sample cover letter below can help give you an idea on what to put in your resume. This option is much better for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it looks more professional. And another thing it saves time for both you and your employer. It saves your time because you wouldn’t need to think about a clever message in the body of your email, that wouldn’t impress the employer anyway. It saves time of the employer in that once he opens the email and he reads your impressive cover letter, it would be easier for him to consider taking a look at your resume, and maybe consider you for the job immediately if your cover letter is that good.

Learn how to write the most effective cover letter within seconds

A cover letter usually serves as an introduction to your resume, what the employer will find in it, and information about how you found out about the job. Usually, people who got referrals from people already working for the company take this opportunity to mention that, because there are times that it serves as an advantage to them. It implies that they are confident about the job and is suggesting the employer that he can even be looked up.

In writing a cover letter, you must mention first the most important information, and that’s where you heard about the job. A sample cover letter for resume below is an example of someone who saw the ad in a newspaper. Cover letters are usually meant to be sent through snail mail, that’s why in the format you’ll notice the applicant’s address and phone number. In an email however, you can skip this part and just start with the greeting immediately. And just before you close your cover letter, don’t forget to leave your contact number and let them know the exact date of your availability to start working. Take a note on the littlest detail in the sample cover letter for resume below.

sample cover letter for resume