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Sample Architecture Resume for Students

Give me 5 minutes and I’ll give you the simplest, most effective tips in writing an effective architecture resume

An architecture resume for a student is important for an internship at a good company. If you’re a college student and you’ve got your eyes on a specific company you would like to work for, and maybe get absorbed in after graduation, you have to make your resume stand out and I’ve got the right words to help you out in that department.

In resume writing there are certain rules that you just can’t bend, like specifying your objective, and arranging your work experience and other activities from the latest to the oldest in terms of dates. But there’s also something you can do in your resume that a lot of people don’t do because either they don’t know or they don’t know how to do it right. You’re in luck, because all it takes is a few simple tricks and it can make a world of difference on your resume.

See how easily you can make your architecture resume stronger and more effective!

The first step in giving your resume a makeover is to decide where you are stronger, in terms of experience or in terms of skills? When you’re thinking about this, consider the company you’re applying for and what’s more important for them. If the two factors don’t match, don’t worry because you can always have the help of Power Words to write a stronger architecture resume. If you are stronger experience-wise and you know for certain that the company is also looking for individuals who are rich in experience, you are lucky.

Whatever you put first in your resume signifies that you believe it’s more important than the rest of information in your resume. So be careful in choosing what you put first. If you decided to list all your special skills and qualifications first, then that means you chose to write a functional resume. If you chose to write a resume with your work experience first and relevant seminars that could help get the attention of employers, you just created a chronological resume.

Now with the Power Words I was talking about earlier. If you want to polish your resume after arranging the thoughts and setting out your stronger points, Power Words are the answer. These words usually make an architecture resume much more effective, yet surprisingly not a lot of people do this. Examples of the most common Power Words are listed below, followed by an sample architecture resume.

  • experienced
  • surveyed
  • demonstrated
  • succeeded
  • implemented
  • explored
  • assessed
  • directed

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