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Resume Writing: 7 Best Resume Tips

See How You Can Improve Your Resume With These 7 Tips

Wondering how to make your resume stand out? Need some resume tips to spruce up your old one and make it eye-catching to recruiters?

Imagine this scenario. An HR personnel opens her email early in the morning. There are about a hundred applicants for an open position in the company. The personnel scans the emails, her attention waning at the tenth, eleventh, twelfth application… Yours is the fiftieth one.

Every day, hundreds upon hundreds of people apply for jobs. Human Resource departments and recruitment agencies are swamped with hopefuls hoping to get attention. If you’re applying for a particular job, chances are, other people are applying for the exact same position as well. So, how do you make your resume stand out from the rest?

Read On for the Best Resume Tips

Here are some resume tips to help you look dazzling – even on paper.

1. State your job objective.
People tend to forget to state their job objective when writing a resume. Make sure you don’t. This will help your employer assess your career goals and give them the impression that you’re driven. Not having any goals will reflect badly on your work ethic.

2. Work history
State your previous work experience chronologically. This will make it easier to read. If you’re a fresh grad, it would be good to list down summer jobs or internships. Here’s a sample of the chronological template:
Feb 2000 – March 2001, Exhibits Manager, Metropolitan Museum
June 1999 – January 2000, Receptionist/Assistant, Children’s Foundation

3. Experience
Most employees will look for experience related to the job you’re applying for, so don’t forget to put that in. What if you don’t have the experience? You can highlight the skills you have that can be useful for the specific position.

4. Different resume for different job targets
If you’re targeting different job positions (ex. Actress and bartender), make different resumes for each. Highlight the appropriate skills and experiences for each position.

5. Simple and professional.
Don’t go all fancy with your resume. Print it out on a clean, white paper with readable and professional-looking font. Perfumed, pink resumes might tick some people off. Understandably.

6. Cover letters
Be straightforward with your cover letter. No rambling on and on for paragraphs, no detailed personal history, no sob stories about your pet dog. Try to limit your letter to one page. State your intent for joining the company and why you think they should hire you. The end.

7. Picture
Putting a picture on your resume gives the employer the first glimpse into your personality. Remember, first impressions may not last, but they do count. So, choose a nice, decent picture of yourself. No Spring Break pics or anything of the sort. A 1×1 grad picture or one with you in corporate attire is standard.

Hope these resume tips help. For more info, don’t hesitate to read on.