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Law Student Resume For Law School Admissions

Who else wants to have a professional law student resume?

A law student resume is usually required by many schools if you want to be admitted to their school. Law schools are usually very particular about a student’s qualifications so they require aspiring lawyers to submit a law student resume. If you want to start your legal career the right way, creating a spot-on resume is your ticket.

Do you want law professors to take one look at your resume and decide you’re perfect for the school? Using certain words called Power Words are used to make the resume stand out and make anyone who reads it take a second glance at it and really consider it. Law schools and law firms are always get hundreds of resumes every day, all from people who think they are better than everyone else. To make this true for yourself, you have to take action and write a law student resume that actually get the right people’s attention.

How to make you law student resume stand out

A lot of people surprisingly have no idea how to write a law student resume the right way, so don’t be one of them. All you need to know in making a clear path to your legal career is through knowing which words to use in your resume.  After your resume objective which should be direct and very specific, choosing what words to use for the rest of your resume should be your next priority. Below are examples of Power Words that make your law student resume stronger, more credible, and definitely more attention-grabbing.

  • navigated
  • communicated
  • incorporated
  • serviced
  • developed
  • managed
  • represented
  • researched
  • significantly
  • thoroughly
  • exceptional
  • vigorous
  • well-rounded
  • successful

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