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I need to look at sample resumes – Do you say this?

Have you ever found yourself needing to look at sample resumes?

If it’s going to be your first time writing a resume, chances are you’ve already told yourself, “I need to look at sample resumes”, and chances are, you did look for them online. Writing a resume has been such a task for students, although I can’t think of a reason for this. Writing resumes is easily one of the most fun types of writing that I enjoy. When I was still in high school and we were asked to write a student resume, I had most fun writing I was able to come up with a few variations of one resume. But how do you start writing a student resume?

Career objective examples for resumes

All resumes should have an objective, and all the information written on your resume should stem from the objective you put and should justify it. For example you put down a career objective wanting to be an English teacher associate, you should write it down as specific as possible, just say the position you want to have and don’t beat around the bush. But you’re just really hoping to get a job at a department and it doesn’t matter what job it is, you still narrow down your objective.

Other career objective examples for resumes include the following:

  • Seeking a teaching position in Physics.
  • To secure a position in Human Resources department where my I can utilize my skills to the fullest potential.
  • A job in electrical engineering where my skills can contribute to the company’s success.

If you have your career objective written down and figured out, you should be able to identify those skills you just said would contribute to the success of the company. This is easy if the job you’re applying for is in line with the course you took in college or if you’re still in high school you’ve taken relevant classes. But if you’re taking a total career change, you should think hard about seminars, skills, or classes which are related to the job and highlight them as much as possible in your resume. After you look at sample resumes online, resume writing should be a piece of cake.