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How to Write Your First Resume

Writing a resume is crucial especially when it is your first time. You don’t know where to start and what to include in your resume. A resume serves as your introduction to your employer of who you are and what your accomplishments are as a student. This determines if you are qualified to go to the next level of your job application, which is the interview. So creating your resume takes effort and skills also. In order to write your first resume and make it look impressive resume, remember the following:

1.Use a resume template – Resume templates are available online. It’s helpful to use templates to guide you on how your resume will appear. Especially for a first timer like you, this will serve as a start-up tool so you won’t miss what information to include on your resume.
2.Know your target job – If you have a target job company or position in mind, make sure that what you will include on your resume will be appropriate for the employer to see. For example, when you are applying for a marketing position, write experiences that relates to the marketing field. If you don’t have any, mention your working experience in any field as a student. Just make sure you won’t put your talents like ‘singing’ or ‘dancing on the work experience part because that will not be helpful for your job application.
3.Proofread your work – It’s important for any job applicant to proofread their work. Remember, if you have grammatical mistakes or errors, the employer can automatically see your carelessness. It will also affect your application.

So if you want your first resume to be impressive and make a mark, don’t forget the tips that are given.