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How to Write an Outline of a Resume

What does a basic resume look like?

An outline of a resume basically has these parts: contact information, objective, qualifications, educational background, employment history, references. Many people are surprised that there aren’t awards or achievements listed here, but it doesn’t really need to be listed, unless the award you got is of great importance to the job you’re applying for. What’s important are the basic information that are significant to the job. An employer looks at hundreds of resumes a day, so you don’t want to waste his time reading insignificant information in your resume.

Resume writing tips

The most important resume writing tip you’ll ever need to know is how to arrange these information to highlight your best qualities. It’s like arranging a puzzle. You have to know the pieces first before you’ll be able to move them around and get the picture. If you know the information you’re going to write, you’ll be able to choose whether your employment history or qualifications can make you look your best. Sometimes, I come across resumes that highlight the applicant’s school, because she has neither experience nor qualifications to boot.

Learning the proper way to write a resume is important before you can arrange the information around, but it’s fairly easy. However, don’t forget to check your grammar, and the parallelism of your bullet points. When you start using “to”, go through with it all the way! There are hundreds of sources for student resume samples and samples of resume format you can look at to guide you on how an outline of a resume should look like.