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How to write a student resume with no experience

The following online resume tips will help you write a resume that makes you stand out

If you’re still in high school, chances are you still haven’t had that many impressive or satisfying jobs in between your gimmicks and late-night studying. So if you’re wondering how you’re going to write a student resume and no experience is there to back up your application yet, you should follow the following tips I’m going to give you.

Having no experience won’t put you out of the game. There are other things that could get you hired for that internship you’ve been longing for years or that awesome job at your favorite bar or music store. What you should do instead is focus on your strengths as an individual and as a student. These are important to give the employer a glimpse of how awesome you are through your background, education, interests, and skills.

What jobs are hiring high school students?

First and foremost, before you even dream of getting your dream job, are you sure that they are hiring high school students? Some students seem to forget there are certain age qualification for other jobs. If you’re absolutely sure that you’re qualified when it comes to age, only then can you make your resume outstanding to make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

First and foremost, use your education as your edge. Put it on the front and center of your resume, especially if your GPA is out of this world high. You can even put it in bold. Having a great academic background makes up for your lack of work experience, and employers will base their prediction on whether you’ll be a good employee on whether you had been an outstanding student or not.

Because you’re focusing on your education to get that job, the next you should “pimp” are your honors and awards. Because you’re a student, employers understand this and they would be expecting credentials you have gained as a student. Any honors and awards you received throughout your years in high school are the one of the most important things now, no matter how irrelevant they may be in the future.

If you’re aiming for a specific high school student job you’ve been eyeing for months now, list down specific classes or school work you had from which you gained experience that qualifies you for that job. If you’re making an event planner resume, list down your experience you had when you organized the dance in sophomore year which was a success.

Put your hobbies, interests, and other special skills you have so the employer can have more idea about you. Also make sure that you put in the correct contact information like your address, email address, and contact number. This is important so that the employers will be able to reach you faster, whether you’re at home or at school. If you follow these tips, it won’t matter that you’re writing a student resume and have no experience yet. Having a high school student resume doesn’t have to discourage you, but instead to challenge you.