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How to Write a Resume and Look for Summer Jobs for Teenagers

Tips for writing a resume

I really believe that students always have the most fun experience during job hunting and application. There are so many fun summer jobs for teenagers today that the competition is getting tighter and students applying for OJTs or summer jobs are beginning to realize that they have to something to give themselves an edge.

I basically have three simple yet effective tips for writing a resume for OJTs you can follow. Check your grammar, use powerful words, and focus on your strengths. Don’t hesitate to sound proud when you’re writing your resume because everyone does it, and you’re going to get left behind if you prioritize being humble than getting the job. Powerful words include action verbs and powerful adjectives that magnify your potentials. Examples of power words are listed below:

# oversaw
# penetrated
# performed
# permitted
# persuaded
# planned
# played a key role
# positioned
# prepared
# ground-breaking
# headed up
# helped
# identified
# implemented
# improved
# increased
# initiated
# innovated
# instituted
# instructed
# streamlined
# substituted
# supervised
# taught
# tightened
# took the lead in
# trained
# trimmed
# tripled
# troubleshooted

Best summer jobs for teenagers

Having summer jobs are a great way to learn new skills, and earn money while at it! The best summer jobs for teenagers can be found in golf courses, museums, restaurants, and offices. These establishments are abundant in the country, and all of them almost always need seasonal employees. There are a lot of opportunities you can find in these, so make sure you head out to these first when you’re looking for a summer job. You can also work as a volunteer in different organizations and causes. While these don’t provide you with a salary, the experience and skills you’re going to learn are going to be significant to your job application in the later years. Also, if it’s especially a known organization like Greenpeace or PETA, you’re going to have the prestige of having volunteered there.

Applying for a job has a process, from considering which summer job for teenagers to apply at, to writing a student resume. It may get difficult sometimes, but still it’s a learning process and you should be able to get something from everything you do. Remember the tips for writing a resume I mentioned, consider the summer jobs for teenagers I listed and welcome to the workforce!