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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume

Why writing a cover letter for a resume is necessary

When you’re submitting a resume, especially through email, it’s very important to have a cover letter. It’s not even appropriate to paste your resume on the body of the email. It looks dirty and unprofessional. However, a lot of people do this because they don’t know what to put on the body of the mail once they make their resume an attachment.

One and for all, you should know that a cover letter is necessary, and there’s a right way of writing a cover letter for a resume. When you start to write your cover letter, you should immediately state the position you’re applying for, much like what you say on your resume objective. Think of your cover letter as an introduction to your resume, the part where you build up what’s written in there. Also, think of your resume as the supporting facts that you wrote in your cover letter. In other words, your cover letter and your resume should back each other up.

After you’ve put down your purpose for applying for the job, say briefly how you found out that there’s an opening for the position. Did you find it online? Was it referred to you by someone you know who’s already working for the company? This is important information for some because some employers tend to prioritize those applicants who have been referred by their own people.

Write several samples of cover letters

To be able to get your practice, and so you can have learn how to do it properly, practice by writing several sample cover letters. It’s better also if you write a cover letter for a different job each, so that in the future you can just pick a cover letter template from the ones you did. Also writing down a cover letter lets you notice things you otherwise wouldn’t if you didn’t write it down. Remember also that the tone of your cover letter is formal and businesslike. Once you get the hang of writing samples of cover letters, your job application through email is going to be so much more effective.