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Functional Resume Sample

Who will benefit the most with a functional resume?

When does a functional resume work the most? Functional resumes are done if you are going to highlight all your skills and qualifications that you gained through your work experience. Many people prefer this kind of resume when they know that their previous work experience will be deemed insufficient or their educational background isn’t good enough.

Functional resumes are also the best format to do for students who have no work experience yet. A lot of students are worried about their lack of experience but they can list their skills and seminars attended where they learned those skills, achievements in school, and possible honors or awards given by any credible institution.

Another group of people who will benefit the most with a functional resume are those who are applying for jobs totally different from their previous one, or are not related to their degree. It’s one way of saying that they are still competent despite the fact that they are not that experience compared to other applicants. And, if you do have really good qualifications, there is no reason for employers not to hire you, even if you come from a different field or is just a student looking for his first job.

What does a functional resume sample look like?

A functional resume typically looks like the one below:

Your Name
Your Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Telephone number
Email address

State the job title you want

This is the most important part in your resume. The skills you list here should be backed up by the events or situations proving how you gained each specific skill.

Work Experience:
For students, list any volunteer work you’ve done which is related to the job you’re applying for.

Activities/seminars you have attended inside and outside school which are also relevant to your target job.

Education Background:
This should include honors or awards you obtained in school to make your resume stronger and more compelling.