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Functional Resume Sample for a Restaurant Hostess

How functional should the sample resume for a restaurant hostess be?

A functional resume is easily the best type to do when you’re writing a resume. If you’re applying as a restaurant hostess, there are certain things you have to remember. Below is a sample resume for a restaurant hostess to look at to know the part and to know why they are written that way.

If you look at the first part, the qualifications are immediately given. But when you look closely, you can see that the first word of every qualification include a lot of strong, positive words like “great”, and “exceptional”. This is important in empowering your resume and a subtle way of making you look better than you really are. You especially need these strong words if you only list a few skills and only have a short work experience. You have to make yourself look awesome, even if you’re only a fraction of it.

Follow the functional resume sample and get that job!

The next part of the functional resume sample is the professional experience. If you’re lacking here, go back to the qualifications part and add some. But if you have an adequate amount of work experience, don’t fluff it up because all the employer wants to know is where you worked and what position you held. It’s especially a great idea to highlight your work experience if you have worked at a nice restaurant recently and held a good reputation. You can even specify exactly your responsibilities if it contained anything special. Otherwise, a simple list consisting of the company name, the duration of your work and your position will suffice.

The last part of your resume should include your most recent educational attainment. Only your school and the year you graduated should be included, and other unimportant information could be left out. This way, your resume will look clean, brief, and professional. For someone applying as a restaurant hostess, a functional resume is the best type of resume to get you the job.

Summary of Qualifications:

Exceptional knowledge of the Health and Safety Act.
Excellent communication skills
Excellent ability to work as a part of the team
Great ability to multi-task
Profound ability to follow instructions and orders religiously

Work Experience

XYZ Restaurant, New York
June 2008 – Present

Educational Background

ABC University, Houston, Texas
April 2008