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How to Write a Security Guard Resume

Free sample resumes for those who are applying for security guard positions can be found all over the internet. Some of these resources may be reliable while others may not. Before you decided to follow one resume format over another, you should first learn the elements of what makes a good security guard resume.

When applying for this position, there are a few things that employers look for in their applicants. Firstly, you must have prior experience with security guard jobs, or other similar responsibilities. Security personnel must be dependable and confident, so prior leadership experience is a plus.

Likewise, you will be expected to be available anytime the employer needs you, whether he places you in the morning or graveyard shift. Skills in self defense, martial arts, or gun handling, will help you greatly in nailing your job. What’s more, being physically fit and having the ability to run fast is an obvious bonus as well.

Who Else Wants to Write Good Security Guard Resumes?

With all these things in mind, how exactly should you write your security guard resume? Here is a basic format that you may follow:
• Basic personal information (full name, age, birth date, sex, weight, height, contact information, etc.)
• Job Objective (one sentence stating for what position and company you are applying for with this resume)
• Summary of Skills and Personality Traits (that are important for the job you want)
• Educational Background (mention if you have undergone self-defense or military training)
• Past Work Experience (specifically those related to the job you want)
• Hobbies and Interests
• References (preferably from a professor or past employer)

With these in mind, you should be ready to start writing your security guard resume.