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Free Sample Resume Template

See How Easily You Can Find Sample Resume Templates

There are plenty sources of free sample resume templates online, and you can feel free to browse through and study any of these. If you have done a bit of research, as I did, you will notice that there seems to be a variety of resume templates available depending on your current status in life.

For example, a resume written by someone applying for internship should be different from a resume written by someone applying for a full-time job. Similarly, a resume written by a fresh graduate or entry-level applicant will be different from a resume written by an applicant with plenty of prior work experience.

With so many different kind of resume templates that their authors claim to be the best or the template that will guarantee you a job interview, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, there are similar elements in each resume that are common to most.

How to Write a Real Resume That Works!

For example, you will always have to give some basic information about yourself. This information includes your full name, address, contact information, age, birth date, sex, and so on. Some companies may ask you to give your SSS number, but do not voluntarily write it down unless the company specifically asks for it.

Aside from your basic information, your educational background will also be asked of you. If you have worked in the past, then you should definitely write about your prior work experiences, especially if they are related to the position you are applying for. Extra-curricular organizations and projects are also important, but only if they are related to the job you want.

Remember to provide the contact information of a few relevant people (preferably a professor or former employer) who can attest to your skills, competencies, and good personality. If you don’t want to give away their contact information right away, you can write down that character references are available upon request.