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Free Sample Bartender Resume and How It Can Help You

Who else wants to have an edge against other bartender applicants?

Some people may think that being a bartender is easy, but it actually requires a lot of patience and talent to get the skills right. A lot of bartending job postings today require you to send in a resume before you even get invited for an interview. For this reason, you should be prepared with a resume tailored specifically for a bartending job, or else you won’t be given much priority.

First of all, don’t always rely on a free sample bartending resume when you see one, because it might be too general not at all tailored for an actual bartending job. If you already have quite an experience in bartending before, list the interesting venues you’ve worked in as a bartender. Hotels, bars, lounges, put them all in because they tend to attract the interest of the manager or the bar owner. However, unlike with other resumes, you don’t need to fully specify your duties. Everyone, or at least your employer knows what bartenders do, so don’t put their in detail your duties just for the sake of putting something in your resume.

How to stand out from thousands of other bartender applicants

Speaking of putting things in your resume, it’s generally appealing to most employers if applicants only have a one-page resume.  Usually bar managers are always busy with their bars and managing their staff, so they want to be able to read through a bunch of resumes fast enough while gathering as much information as they can. If your resume is 3 pages long, the bar manager might not only get bored with your resume, but might even get angry for wasting his time by submitting a very long resume. Make sure that before you sit down and type your resume, you have all the information arranged and prioritized so you won’t have to waste time still figuring it out when you’re in front of the pc.

Also, when you’re applying for a bartending job, remember that you’re going to be dealing with people 90% of the time. It means that it takes one hell of personality to take on the job, not just skills and talents. If the bar manager sees this through your resume, you’re sure going to get an edge against other applicants. You can do this through letting your personality known through your qualifications. Sometimes, you can even show what kind of personality you have through the kind of bars or hotels you’ve worked in. Fun places hire fun people.

Following all these, when you finally sit down ready to type your resume, the information you need to write will just flowing easily out of you. True, you might need a free sample bartender resume today, but once you really figure out that individuals need individually tailored resumes, you’ll realize you’re better off writing your own resume.