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Free Cover Letter Samples for High School Students

Who Else Wants to Have Free Cover Letter Samples?

High school students don’t usually need free cover letter samples that early, but some teachers require them to come up with one already so they’ll learn early. This is an advantage to them since they’re going to learn how to write a resume properly at an early age, and they’ll know the basic format of a cover letter, allowing them to modify it and improve it in later years to suit them better.

There’s actually a basic cover letter format for high school students, and it’s easy to follow since there aren’t many things to be said about a high school student job anyway. A basic cover letter format includes information about where you found out the job posting, and a list the qualifications that you believe make you the best candidate for the job. Basically, in a cover letter you want to be able to somehow sell yourself directly. In your resume, you won’t be able to “talk” to the employer, so a good cover letter for job application gives you the chance to make the employer see how much of a good candidate you are. You can even elaborate on your qualifications, something that isn’t advisable to do in resume writing.

See How Easily You Can Create an Assertive Cover Letter

The free cover letter samples will be able to give you a clearer idea about how to write a cover letter. Notice the tone of the speaker and how upfront and formal it’s written. It’s also very assertive. You will notice that you may even ask for the schedule of the interview, or if it seems too assertive for you, you can simple put the date you’re available for interview.

High school students can now have the opportunity to learn technical stuff early and increase their knowledge when it comes to resume writing and how to write a cover letter. The free cover letter samples below can be used as guide by high school students for their job application.

free cover letter samples

free cover letter samples