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The lazy applicant’s way to creating the most impressive administrative assistant resume

Looking for an administrative assistant sample resume? You’ve landed on the right place. There’s no better place to look at sample resumes than here. But before continuing down to the sample resume of an administrative assistant—and a good one at that, you have to first know what makes it good and effective, so that in the long run, when you write your resume you won’t have to look for samples again and would just sit down and create your own attention-grabbing resume all by yourself.

To make a resume effective, you don’t need special skills or have to have graduated at a reputable school. All it takes is tweaking your wordings and you can have the job you’re applying for. And you don’t have to lie either. Not a lot of people realize the power of certain words that successful people use in their resume. They think that for a resume to be impressive, one has to be exceptional at the things he does and must be able to have a lot of experience and have attended a lot of seminars. They don’t realize that all of those experience, and qualities will look moot without the use of proper words to describe them.

See how easily you can make your resume stronger and more impressive!

That’s where the use of power words come into play. These words are probably the best you can learn out of school, and the best use for them is for making sure you get the job you’ve always wanted. Not bad, eh? If you would take a look at the administrative assistant sample resume below, pay attention to every first word of every bullet point in the qualities and work experience section. Those words are what make this resume strong, effective, and impressive—more than the qualities and activities themselves.

If you want to get the administrative assistant job, make sure you use these words when you’re writing your resume. Looking for a job can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re applying for a position that a thousand other applicants also want. So to be able to get ahead of the game, analyze carefully the administrative assistant sample resume below for you to learn how to use power words to your advantage.

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