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Examples of Cover Letters for Teachers

How to Write a Teacher Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired

Are you looking for example cover letters for teachers? The ones given below are perfect for you to use as a cover letter template. One is an example cover letter for a Physical Education teacher, and the other one is for an English teacher.

In a cover letter, the first thing you have to know is who you’re going to address the letter to. Who’s in charge of hiring? Is it the HR manager, the principal, the vice principal? There are some schools where the vice principal himself handles all the applications of the teachers so that he can have a better idea about what kind of people the applicants are.

There are also schools which have a designated recruitment officer or an HR personnel who’s in charge of the hiring. Most of the time these are the big-time schools whose principal and vice principal have a lot on their hands already that they can’t really directly manage the hiring process of the applicants.

See How Easily You Can Make Your Teacher Cover Letter Stand Out

Writing a teacher cover letter is very important part of a job application, especially for this particular profession. If you’re a teacher, more is expected from you. You have to stand out naturally from other applicants, you have to have a sense of professionalism innate in you, and above all, you have to know and follow the rules.

It’s important for the employer to see these qualities in your cover letter, and then some. A teacher cover letter is also supposed to be free of any error, whether grammatical or typographical. It should also contain relevant information that are vital for your hiring. Information like significant job experiences and experiences in teaching specific subjects, and seminars where your skills as a teacher were honed are also considered to be vital in a cover letter.

Also, there are the basic pieces of information also like where you found the job advertisement, a brief educational background for you and some of your qualities as a teacher and as an individual. You can get a lot of examples of cover letters for teachers, but you should know how to modify them to your advantage.

teacher cover letter

teacher cover letter