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Event Planner Sample Resume

Are you looking for an event planner sample resume?

The other day, someone submitted an event planner resume, which was quite interesting. It had been written quite impressively, and I can see that she listed down all her best points and qualifications. If you’re also applying for a job as something similar, I suggest you check out the event planner sample resume given below to see if you can write something more, if not as impressive as the one given in the example.

The applicant who sent me her resume was a really good student when she was in college, and has a lot of good qualities needed for the job. In a job application like this, having affiliations matter a lot. Probably, more important than where you graduated or what skills you have. Being an event planner has something to do with socializing with people and understanding exactly what they need, and being able to wow them through the events you have to plan.

How to write an event planner resume

Writing an event planner resume should start out like you’re writing any other resume. The only difference now with this type of resume is that you should take special consideration with the people and organizations you’re affiliated to. As you can see in the event planner sample resume, the applicant listed the major events she has been a part of separately, to highlight it more and to give the impression that she already has experience with dealing different kinds of events and took part either as the event planner or supervisor.

Also, if you’re not too sure whether the school you graduated from would up your resume or not, focus on more important factors like qualifications, work experience and qualifications. Knowing what you want and knowing how good you are is an important factor in writing an event planner resume. There are certain things you can put in your resume that would otherwise be useless if you’re writing a resume for high school students, so remember first your niche and go from there.

event planner sample resume