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Driver Free Resume Sample

Who Else Wants to Write a Good Driver Resume?

Free sample resumes for driver applicants are available all over the internet. They are all very nice and you could end up writing a very good resume using these as your guidelines. However, it would be better to learn how to writing your resume specifically for the kind of driving position you are looking for.

The requirements for a truck driver are different than that of a limousine driver, taxi, driver, bus driver, and so on and so forth. You should identify in the job objective part of your resume what exact position you are applying for, so your prospective employer will know exactly what you are an expert in.

Aside from this, you should also identify how many years of driving experience you have previously had, and if you had been in any major traffic accidents or been caught by the police for traffic violations. If you have, it is better to be honest about it and explain why in your interview rather than lie and be fired for it later on.

Now You Can Write That Killer Driver Resume

Aside from being a good driver, there are other requirements you need to meet in order to be hired as a driver. These things, you also need to identify in your resume. For example, it is an advantage to be familiar with cab routes if you are applying to be a taxi driver. It is good to know truck routes, and to have experience driving long distances if you with to be a truck driver.

If you are applying to be a limousine driver, it would be important to be physically fit, so you can carry the luggage of your passengers and ensure their safety (especially if they are VIPs). Likewise, limousine drivers should have a better grasp of the English language. If you can speak in a foreign language, that would also be a huge plus.

If you identify these skills, plus other important information, in your resume you should have a good chance of being called in for an interview. With this in mind, you should also have an easier time choosing which free driver resume sample is right for you.