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Creative Bartender Resume Sample – Uniquely Attractive

Here’s an interesting bartender resume sample

Everyone has always said that when you’re writing a resume you have to follow certain rules. And most of the time it must indeed be followed, unless you want to be known by employers as the clumsy applicant who wouldn’t take two minutes of his time to fix his resume. However, there are rare times, like what I’m going to mention, that it also pays to be a bit more creative with your resume, especially if the job you’re applying for is all about creativity, or permits someone to be.

The sample below is a creative bartender resume, which at first look, doesn’t look like a resume, does it? But when something like this was sent to me, I got pretty interested, because of the top 10 reasons put on the side, and because of some power words I was able to catch like “self-motivated” and “goal-oriented”. It was an interesting and fresh break from all the resumes I had been reading for years, and while the style of resume writing to the position applied may not exactly match, it still works, the reasons for which you should learn and master first before trying to write a creative resume like this?

Writing a creative bartender resume that works

If you know how to play on words and have a little knowledge about marketing, no matter how little it is, you can somehow pull off something like this. Notice how the words in the “top 10 reasons you should hire me” section are the same words you would find in the qualifications section of an ordinary resume. However, there is a big difference, because the presentation of the words are fun, and when you read down the list, it’s snappy, and very confident, compared to the usual one-word qualifications listed in ordinary resumes.

Also, in the employment history section, you get an idea about the work environment because of the brief but helpful description of each of the bar or restaurant. I find it very fun to read this kind of resume, very creative and effective. Of course, you can’t do something like this with any kind of resume you write. This only works for a select type of fields like those in the creative industry like fashion and arts, and well in this very rare situation, bartending. If you want to follow the format of this bartender resume sample, be my guest.

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