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Construction Worker Resume Sample

Learn from a construction worker resume sample

I’ve received a construction worker resume just recently and was surprised that it’s a pretty technical job after all. I’ve always thought that work in construction is a bit more on the physical side and you won’t need anything else than measurable upper body strength to get the job done. Well, as you can see from the construction worker resume sample below, there are a lot of technical skills involved when you’re applying for a job as a construction worker.

The one sent to me was for an operations manager, just like in the sample resume. As you can see clearly, the one below is a sample of a functional resume, with the competencies immediately mentioned and given emphasis. This works great if you are confident that you excel in the qualities you mentioned. It’s also an advantage if you have a lot of skills you can boost, like the ones listed under core competencies.

Have the same impressive construction worker resume

If you take a look at the resume sample for a construction worker below, you’ll see that right after the core competencies, she only listed the important work employment history. You’ll find this helpful for when you have limited work history but with exceptional contribution to the company. This is a classic example of working with what you’ve already got. As you can see, the description of every job she’s had is very detailed which implies that she played an important role in the company. If you want to follow this construction worker resume sample, make sure you arrange all the information first.

construction worker resume sample

construction worker resume sample