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3 Simple Ways to Reduce Headaches While Studying

You’ve got a headache? That sure is a hassle, especially since you NEED to pass that math test.

We figure that you know how to deal with migraines by now. After all,
students such as yourself are exposed to high levels of stress (believe
us, we’ve been there). You need to cram tons of information in your
head, travel to who-knows-where just to be early in class and deal with
your social life as well. It sure is hectic being in school!

Then again, just how sure are you that you know how to prevent this nasty condition from occurring? (see: migraine cures) Chances
are, what you think works can actually screw you over. Let us help you
out instead. Check out this quick list to find out how you can
potentially do more damage for migraine treatment:

Study, Study, STUDY!
Sure, you’re a student. You are required to study. But too much studying
will do more damage, both for your health and your grades. Sacrificing
precious hours of sleep for the next couple of textbook chapters will
not guarantee that you’ll memorize each and every fact. You are,
however, guaranteed to feel a cracking sensation in your head. So the
next time you need to study for a test, make sure to include ample time
of sleep (preferably 8-9 hours) on your schedule.

Put your Game Face On – Not all the time though!
You know how it is. You need to psych yourself up before tackling a
really stressful activity. Sport jocks, geeks, even teachers put their
game faces on whenever they want to accomplish something. The funny
thing is, having this kind of attitude can also do the opposite of what
you want to achieve. Try something calm instead. Clear your mind, take a
deep breath before hitting the books or scribbling through an exam
paper. It’ll do you more good, and save your head from a massive,
thumping experience.

The IN Crowd. Probably NOT.
Everyone wants to be IN. It’s a cliche, we admit, but there’s something
being part of the right crowd that makes school such a thrilling
experience. There’s actually no problem being with your preferred group
of friends, but you will need to balance things out. Imagine this:
you’re dead-tired after several hours of non-stop lectures from probably
the most boring professor of all time. Just right after that ordeal,
you then decide to party it out, just so you can be IN. The only thing
that’ll be IN is a banging pain you’ll feel inside your head. Point is,
if you want to be popular, or plainly just hangout with your friends,
make sure that you can actually deal with the consequences. Just like
sleep, it all boils down to having a schedule.

We hope that you aren’t doing these things. We aren’t exactly telling
you what to do with your school life. We’re just telling you that some
of your “educational activities/practices” may potentially give you a
migraine you’ll never forget. Until then, stay safe, enjoy school and
remember to manage your time properly!

If you are experiencing a headache, these suggestions are much healthier for the body as a whole and do in fact provide successful relief from migraine symptoms.